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Tour de France Surf and Turf

This Sunday, July 3rd marks the beginning of the 97th Tour de France.  What does that have to do with The Meat House?  In honor of the cancer survivor and seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong, we’re cooking up his favorite food- grilled buffalo shrimp!  And since he is a Texas native, we’re throwing in a recipe for Texas cowboy ribeye steak to make it a Surf & Turf dinner.

At The Meat House you can find our signature buffalo marinated shrimp and thick and juicy cowboy cut steak.  A single bone is sliced off of our tender and flavorful Bone-In Prime Rib to provide a hefty two pound cut for only the most serious steak lover!


• 6 buffalo shrimp


Cook the shrimp one of two ways.

1. Grill butterflied and shell side up, flesh down, for 7 minutes.

2. Skillet on high (not full blast) butterflied and shell side up, flesh down, for 7 minutes.

*** After cooking, try using a kitchen torch on the shrimp to lightly char the meat.

You can serve the shrimp warm or chill them in the fridge.


• Feel free to doctor any store bought cocktail sauce with fresh lemon, horseradish, seasoning or even hot sauce!

• Add cut lemon and lime wedges to the platter.

• Pick one of our buffalo sauces to freshly dip the buffalo shrimp!

• Try the smoked mozzarella!


Yields: 4 Servings

• 2 Cowboy Steaks – Approximately 1.75 pounds each

• 1 Bunch Fresh Asparagus

• 2 Ears Fresh Corn

• Steak Seasoning: Kosher Salt, Pepper, Ground Sage, Granulated Garlic

• Herbed Butter: Mix ½ stick of soft Butter with Granulated Garlic and Ground Sage to taste

• Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Rub the steaks on all sides (bones included) in olive oil and leave the steaks to warm for one hour on a platter at room temperature.

Partially peel back the husks on the corn and remove as much silk as you can without worrying about stubborn stragglers. Soak the corn in water for 30 minutes and then slather herbed butter over the kernels and reassemble the ear using one piece of husk to tie the ends. Grill over high heat for 15 minutes while turning often and browning the husk. Remove to a cooler section and let roast for an additional 12-15 minutes.

Place the steaks over high heat and sear them for 8 minutes. Turn the meat with tongs and dust the crusted side with garlic, salt, pepper and sage to taste. Grill an additional 8-10 minutes for medium-rare. Turn the steaks onto a dinner plate or serving platter to rest with the seasoned side down and unseasoned side up. Dust the un-seasoned side with garlic, salt, pepper and sage to taste. Let rest 4 minutes before serving.

Lightly coat the asparagus in olive oil and grill in an oiled grill wok until cooked to your liking. 6 minutes does it for me! Remove to a serving bowl and top with kosher salt and pepper if desired.

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