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Happy Birthday to John D. Rockefeller!

Today we celebrate the birthday of the man who invented philanthropy, John D. Rockefeller. After making a fortune off the Standard Oil Company, which revolutionized the petroleum industry, Rockefeller decided to put his money to an important use by creating major foundations that would target medicine, education, scientific research, and the arts. One institute that he founded, which would later become Rockefeller University, discovered how to eradicate hookworm disease, which had long plagued the American South. He also donated to many universities, such as Spelman College and the University of Chicago, and made a point to share his incredible wealth with those who were less fortunate than him, often handing out nickels to children and dimes to adults wherever he went. 

It is with great admiration that we at The Meat House remember John D. Rockefeller, and draw inspiration from his humble and giving spirit. Through projects like Operation: Thank You!, Cookout for a Cause, and various local fundraising opportunities, we hope to add to the philanthropic structure that Rockefeller created and reach out to our communities. Please visit this website to learn more about how The Meat House gets involved and how you can join us in giving back:

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