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Q&A with Beverly GM, Scott Simons

What was your profession before joining The Meat House?
I have held multiple jobs throughout the Food Industry – Chef for the Marriott Hotels, Restaurant Manager, Regional Director of Operations for a contract management company, Owner of CS Simons and Associates Business Consultants, and many positions in between (including Corporate Trainer, Risk Manager, Human Resources, etc).

What is your ideal meal made with items only from The Meat House?
Either a Prime Filet or a Strip Steak with Carter Lake Bleu cheese, paired with one of The Meat House’s amazing red wines.

For whom would you cook that meal?
Anyone that wants it – I just love to cook, whether it is for my wife and me or for a banquet for hundreds!

What is your favorite Meat House product and why?
I love the people. The Meat House is made up of a group of extremely dedicated, loyal, empowered individuals. I list this as a product because it is no coincidence that these people work together. I feel that the selection, training, and freedom given to them are all part of the plan, and are at the core of our Brand.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

One comment on “Q&A with Beverly GM, Scott Simons

  1. Bill Diamond
    August 23, 2010

    Hello Scott.
    It looks like we both have a busy week ahead.
    I will call you this friday and maybe set up a meeting.
    If your comfortable with me dropping of samples just give me a contact person.Otherwise I’ll bring them to the meeting,Thank You for your time
    Bill Diamond

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