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Battle of the Grills: Gas vs. Charcoal

We asked a few Meat House experts for their sides on this great debate.  Here is what they had to say…

When it comes down to which makes a better grill, The Meat House Director of Franchise Operations Fred Constine prefers a gas grill.  “With a gas grill, I can avoid the attention that a charcoal grill requires and the mess that is always left to clean up” said Constine.  Gas grills fire up with the push of a button and heat is distributed and controlled with the twist of a knob.  “Sure, for those that love the thrill of lighting and playing with fire, the charcoal grill is great.  But for me, I like the fast approach that delivers the same delicious grilled foods and less of a mess!”  

Scott Perry loves the charcoal grill.  On the plus side, a gas grill is far more convenient for quick barbequing. However, “the flavor difference you get from a natural wood charcoal like Royal Oak or Cowboy hardwood charcoal is what I am looking for,” says Perry. To even out the heat on a charcoal grill by moving around the coals, you can control the hot and cold spots.  With a gas grill you have to learn the hot and cold spots to obtain the desired temperatures of your protein. “With a gas grill you also have a constant flame that may put some gas flavor in the meat and you risk flare up and grill fires from the fat dripping on the flavor bars,” said Perry. “I have a Weber Gas Grill and a Weber Charcoal Grill.  When time allows, I prefer the charcoal grill.”

When asked if he prefers gas or charcoal, Paul Casey votes “Gas baby!”  The ease and timing of a gas grill in today’s fast paced world is just what Paul wants. “First, I pull my steaks from the refrigerator and place them on a platter to come to room temperature.  This allows me just enough time to light the grill, get it hot and scrape it down. Now, I am ready to fire up those steaks!”

“I like mine medium so most 1.5 inch Meat House steaks take only 7 minutes per side.  The grilling time is just enough time to pour a beverage, and get my side dishes ready,” said Paul. “The best part is, it’s quick and easy to cook but once it’s ready to eat, I take my time to enjoy every bite!”

So there you have it.  In this battle, the gas grill wins 2-1.  What grill do you prefer to cook your Meat House products on?  Tell us your story and you can enter to win a $100 Meat House gift card, a Meat House Grill Pack and a chance to win your very own Weber Genesis gas grill! Submit your story by August 12th in 250 words or less and 3 photos to:

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