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Recipe:Make It Mesquite Tonight!

Try this Recipe & Get the Napkins Ready!


The Perfect Mesquite and Beer Pork Baby Back Ribs:

In The Oven and Then Grilled:

Rub the baby back ribs with Meat House Mesquite BBQ Seasoning.

Pre heat Oven to 250 degrees

On a Baking Sheet, Bone Side Down, Bake the Ribs for 2.5  Hours

Pick out any Lager or IPA, we recommend Stone’s Ruination IPA or Brooklyn Brewery Lager

Combine One Beer and 16oz of Pineapple Juice or Apple Cider

In a heavy duty Tin Foil Tent, use two sheets of tin foil. Combine the ribs and the beer and juice mix.

Cover it to make sure no juices leak out.

On a preheated grill at 300 degrees, put the ribs in the tinfoil on the grill bone side down.

Continue to cook for 45min

open up tin foil and apply Meat House BBQ Awesomesauce generously to the top of the ribs and cook until the bbq sauce

is carmelized. (Roughly 15 min)

Let cool and serve.

Pick up The Meat House Bacon, Beer*, Macaroni & Cheese, and our baked beans
to serve with it!

* Alcohol may not available at all Meat House store locations. Check with your local store.

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